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Sauna nudity etiquette across Asia

As spa culture gains global popularity, understanding sauna etiquette becomes crucial. Our ongoing research explores Asia’s diverse practices, shedding light on nudity, gender segregation, and regional nuances. Please note that spa policies may vary, so checking with the venue is advised, and regional differences within countries exist.

Here’s a breakdown of sauna nudity rules in various Asian countries::

  • Go Nude [separate genders]: Russia, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Georgia
  • Bring a Towel [separate genders]: Iran, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Malaysia, Jordan
  • Wear Swimwear [separate genders]: Turkey, China, Nepal, India, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia, Philippines, Sri Lanka

It’s important to recognize that within some countries, regional disparities in sauna etiquette exist. This ongoing research encourages users to share insights, tips, and notes in the comments to enhance the validity and comprehensiveness of our findings.

Sauna Culture Tips Across Asia

  • Russia: Enjoy the banya experience, but remember to bring your own venik (bath broom) for the traditional birch branch beating ritual.
  • Japan: Wash thoroughly before entering an onsen or sento, and keep your modesty with a small towel strategically placed.
  • South Korea: Embrace the jjimjilbang culture, where communal spaces are as important as individual saunas. Be prepared for colorful sauna outfits.
  • Iran: While a towel is essential, engaging in conversations and sharing stories is encouraged in this social setting.
  • Turkey: Experience the Hamam, where attending a scrub and massage is a communal activity. Don’t forget to tip your attendant.
  • China: Sauna culture is thriving; wearing swimwear is a must. Appreciate the health benefits and social connections in these vibrant spaces.
  • India: In Ayurvedic spas, embrace the herbal-infused steam and opt for modest swimwear. Respect the tranquil atmosphere for a rejuvenating experience.
  • Thailand: Sip herbal teas in between sauna sessions and indulge in traditional Thai massage for a holistic wellness experience.


This exploration of sauna etiquette in Asia unveils a tapestry of traditions, from the communal banyas of Russia to the serene onsen baths in Japan. As spa-goers embark on cross-cultural relaxation journeys, understanding and respecting these variations contribute to a more enriching experience. Our research is an ongoing endeavor, and we invite readers to share their insights in the comments, ensuring a continuously updated and comprehensive resource for global sauna enthusiasts.

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