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The Aquapark relaxation and sports facilities network is one of the most recognizable places associated with entertainment for whole families in the Tri-City. It is a place where you can not only actively relax throughout the year, but also comprehensively take care of your body. In addition to the extensive well -appointed aquapark, the main level also includes Aqua SPA, where you can, among others Use various types of saunas (8 to choose), massages, care treatments, teepidarium or relaxation room. In the basement of the facility there is one of the most modern bowling clubs in the Tri -City. A perfect complement to the facility is the Pick & Roll Club, where customers can not only eat in a restaurant and cafe with a great menu, but can also take part in interesting cultural and entertainment events. More

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Serail Bath
Temperature: 45 ° C
Humidity: 100%
Staying in Serail Bath brings many health benefits. The basic one is a beneficial effect on the mental sphere, i.e. improvement of well -being. After the procedure, relaxation and getting rid of the accumulated tension are immediately felt. It also eliminates muscle and even rheumatic pains. In addition, toxins accumulated in the body are excreted through the skin, which means that the procedure in a mud bath can be a perfect complement to the body’s detoxification process. The whole procedure that takes place can be divided into 3 stages: heating, moisturizing and sprinkling. Before entering the mud bath, rinse the body from sweat and previously applied cosmetics, and then gently dry with a towel. Thanks to this treatment, the skin will be properly prepared to take as many valuable substances contained in mineral clays and mud paste.
This is an exclusive sauna. It is not available for the ticket price. Reservation necessary.

Temperature: 35 – 38 ° C
Humidity: 5 – 10%
Laconium is an ideal solution for those who cannot use treatments in a classic sauna. At 55 ° C and relatively low humidity, this room is safe even for people suffering from hypertension and having heart problems. Healthy people can spend a lot more time in it than in a classic sauna – over half an hour. However, it is recommended to use 2-3 15-minute cycles, because after 15 minutes the body warms up to such an extent that you can take a cool, refreshing bath.

Nordic sauna
Temperature: 90 – 100 ° C
Humidity: 5 – 10%
The Nordic sauna in our complex is on the outer terrace. Alternating staying at high temperatures, and then in low – cooling the body in the shower is a great “training” for the circulatory system.

Finnish sauna
Temperature: 70 – 90 ° C
Humidity: 3 – 10%
The Finnish sauna is a traditional Finnish sauna also called a dry sauna. Staying in it causes a blissful feeling of relaxation and improves health. In addition, the pair produced by wiping hot stones with water favorably ionizes the air. Such treatment greatly affects our body, reducing feelings of fatigue, nervousness and anxiety. During the stay in the sauna, the body cleanses of metabolism and toxins. Heating the body causes the expansion of blood vessels, improves blood circulation, firms the skin and removes muscle and joint pain. The frequency of breath increases and significantly improves lung ventilation. The best time for bathing in a Finnish sauna is a late afternoon or evening.

Aroma sauna
Temperature: 70 – 80 ° C
Humidity: 10%
Aroma Sauna is a variety of dry sauna based on the therapeutic effect of the smell on the whole body. Moisture and heat prevailing in the aromatic cave make the skin and respiratory tract cleaned in a mild but accurate way. Burgery stimulation, muscle tension reduction, stress discharge, pain of limbs and joints. Cleansing effect is additionally supported by special couples from natural herbs. In the aroma sauna, we spray the smell of eucalyptus with mint.

Temperature: 65 ° C
Biosauna is a variety of a Finnish sauna with a lower temperature. An ideal place for people who are too warm in a classic Finnish sauna. It greatly affects our nervous system – first we are stimulated to later feel relaxation. It is an excellent sauna for people with hypertension and hypersensitivity of blood vessels.

Steam Bath
Temperature: 45 ° C
Humidity: 100%
Steam Bath is a steam sauna with the addition of natural fragrances. It regenerates the whole body and hair, and thanks to the additional effect of fragrances it has a positive effect on the body’s respiratory system. It increases metabolism, causing acceleration of combustion of carbohydrates and lipids. Blood in blood vessels begins to flow faster, thus supplying the necessary nutrients to the organs and, above all, transports blood more efficiently.

Temperature: 45 ° C
Humidity: 100%
Caldarium is a more intensive version of the steam room. The temperatures are much lower here than in the sauna. It works favorably on the nervous system. Effectively improves mental condition and de -stress. In addition to taking care of the soul, he also cares about the body. It has regenerating and cleansing properties, has a positive effect on the respiratory system. Caldarium can be safely used before a more hot sauna.

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