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At Good Luck Club Gdaсsk, you are waiting for you: 2 fitness rooms with a cushioned floor, and in them every day a wide selection of classes, 3 Squash courts and at your disposal instructors of the Polish Squash Federation, air -conditioned gym with professional technogy equipment, cardio zone, personal trainers who They are responsible for your training goals, the largest relaxation zone in the Tri -City, 3 saunas: dry, steam room and Sauna Infrared, Good Luck Club Kids – classes for children, physiotherapists – your health will be taken care of by graduates Modern and most effective method of fighting pain, radio wave – a new era in tissue hypothermia, orthopedic traumatologist, neurologist, massages and body treatments – full range: classic, sports, slimming, relaxing, endermology – effective slimming and anti -cellulite treatments performed with LPG machine, LPG machine, Cryocharear

Sauna and steam bath types

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Saunas description

Dry sauna
Temperature: 90 – 95 ° C
Humidity: 10%
Staying in it allows you to quickly cleanse the body of toxins. A hot and dry bath accelerates metabolism, thus supporting the slimming process, and intensive heating of the body relaxes muscle tension resulting from stress and fatigue. It also contributes to effective regeneration after physical exertion. In addition, a dry sauna has a healthy effect, affecting the improvement of the body’s efficiency and regulating heart and blood pressure. The humidity in a dry sauna is 10%, and the temperature in it ranges between 90 and 95 ° C. The time in the sauna should be 8-15 minutes.

Steam room
Temperature: 45 – 50 ° C
Humidity: 90 – 100%
Warm, moist air in a bath reduces muscle tension, soothes nerves, relaxes the mind. It also improves tissue blood supply, oxygenates the skin. The relaxation effect is supported by floating aromas of essential oils, and the hot pair soothes muscle pain and inflammation of the joints. It clears the respiratory tract, moisturizes mucous membranes, cleanses of toxins and accelerates metabolism. In addition, it increases lung efficiency and body resistance. The humidity in the steam room is from 90 to 100%, and the temperature in it ranges between 45 A 50 ° C. The time of staying in the bath should be 10-25 minutes.

Sauna Infrared
Temperature: 30 – 45 ° C
Humidity: 10 – 20%
that is, the so -called The infrared sauna is an excellent option for people who for various reasons cannot use a traditional dry or wet sauna. The infrared rays directly heat our body. They have high healing properties, including with muscle and joint pain, muscle injuries, cardiovascular disorders or symptoms of stress and fatigue. The heat penetrating into our body heats the skin, muscles and internal organs intensively, thanks to which it effectively cleanses them and regenerates. Regular sessions in an infrared sauna stimulate metabolism, contributing to improving our well -being, health and beauty. The humidity in the Infrared sauna is from 10 to 20%, and the temperature in it ranges between 30 and 45 ° C. The time in the sauna should be 10-30 minutes.

Seances description

We select specific aromas for sessions in a dry sauna, we choose natural peeling salts in the steam sauna. A single sauna session lasts a maximum of several minutes, you should arrive on it punctually, and after finishing use the shower and cool the body in the right way. During the screenings, we do not enter the sauna. They take place on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Sundays from 20:15 to 21: 15. Crying Szeherezadyz think about you, dear ladies, on selected evenings we close the relaxation zone in the Good Luck Club to your exclusivity! It is also the only opportunity to take part in the Ritual of Szeherezada – a unique beauty and relaxing ceremony. We develop from an aromatic session in a dry sauna, which prepares the skin for further treatments. Then there are two screenings in a steam room, where we regenerate and nourish the hair and body with salt peeling and special masks with the addition of natural ingredients. In the intervals between the screenings, we relax on heated benches and care for the skin of the face and hands, applying more nutritious masks on them. In addition, during the ritual, it is possible to take advantage of the rich offer of partial massages and try the fruit Szeherezada cocktails. It is on Fridays at 20:30. The entire relaxation zone is reserved for women from 20:15 – 00.00 Sunday evaporation 18: 00Neziejniej evolving are other than usual sessions and an excellent form of relaxation after the ending week. Shading together, surprises, regeneration, smoothing and hydration of the skin, as well as relaxation and relaxation in an unusual atmosphere will certainly give you energy for the next week! We start the ceremony with a surprise – a unique screening in a dry sauna. We make sure that it looks different every week and definitely and definitely It differed from the standard. The next stage is skin care during two entrances to the steam room using natural cosmetics: peeling salts and body mask. In the breaks between the screenings, we relax on heated benches, tea and frozen fruit are served. We finish with a meditative session with the sounds of traditional Tibetan bowls. Takes place on Sunday from 17:00. It is an additional paid session. The relaxation zone is reserved for evaporation participants from 16:45 to 19: 30. Sauna organized once a month

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