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We invite you to our newly opened SPA zone, which consists of a massage office, Sauna: Finnish, Biosauna with aromatherapy, Sauna Infrared and the water zone: Balia, Ice Misa and Impressor Shower. In a cozy office we make classic, relaxing, slimming massages, as well as hot stones, candle, chocolate and other seasonal ones, such as peels. In the Finnish sauna, we conduct screenings with the participation of sauna masters, which increase the quality of sauna, are an attractive experience for participants through music, the presentation of the saunaist, and used aromas, which, along with the fan, spread around the sauna stimulating our senses and improve health improvement. We also include thematic or occasional events in the sauna calendar. We strive to maintain the correct culture culture. More

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Saunas description

Temperature: 60 ° C
Humidity: thirty%
Biosauna – an aromatic sauna, in which there is a slightly lower temperature and higher humidity than in the Finnish sauna: temperature 60 degrees Celsius, humidity about 30%.
– peripheral circulatory disorders and anemia (anemia),
– respiratory diseases: asthma,
– rheumatic pains,
– chronic sinusitis and respiratory tract infections,
– cramps and excessive muscle tone,
– acceleration of metabolism,
– cleansing the body of toxins.

Dry sauna
Temperature: 91 ° C
Humidity: 15%
The Finnish sauna is an oasis of peace of the biodiversity of the body and spirit. It can be used as a supplement to or replace it, because it affects our body in a similar way as physical effort. It has a temperature of 90 degrees Celsius, humidity 15%.
Using the sauna is beneficial for people:
– stressed and wanting to take a break from everyday rush,
– suffering from diseases manifested by the tension of the back muscles, muscle stiffening, contractions,
– suffering from chronic rheumatoid arthritis, tendering spinal arthritis,
– induceing peripheral circulation disorders,
– wanting to improve the efficiency of lung circulation and the whole organism with reduced immunity,
– obese (water and sebum removal), with anorexia (improvement of appetite),
– having rheumatic pains.

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  • Timezone: Europe/Warsaw

    May 27, 2024 17:00 local time


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SPA Studio Energia has received 0 reviews with an average rating of out of 5


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