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Modern sauna zone with 8 saunas: 5 Finnish saunas, including a small internal Finnish sauna, Finnish salt sauna and a Finnish sauna with music therapy and medium -sized Finnish external sauna and a special, large, large external sauna intended for conducting fragrances. Bushing led by certified saunamists takes place every day, every hour, from 16:00 to 21:00. In the outer area there is a large swimming pool of cold water, two jacuzzi and showers and an external terrace with deckchairs. We also offer 2 steam saunas: crystalline and with chromotherapy. We have an extensive infrared sauna. Inside the sauna there is a large rest zone with heated ceramic beds, whose walls have illuminated panels made of semi -precious stone – honey onyx. In the middle of the sauna, a large, 8 m diameter, jacuzzi, surrounded by light sunbeds. More

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Saunas description

Crystalline steam sauna
Temperature: 44 – 47 ° C
Humidity: 100%
Staying in a crystal steam sauna soothes the soul and triggers positive energy. The rest is favored by a not very high temperature (44 – 47 ° C) and humidity up to 100%. Crystals have many health properties. They help cleanse the body by stimulating blood circulation, and also protect against the negative effects of environmental pollution and UV radiation.

Steam sauna with chromotherapy
Temperature: 44 – 47 ° C
Humidity: 100%
A beautiful, spacious sauna in which changing colors have beneficial effect on our health depending on the color, light causes different reactions: it can stimulate or calm down. It affects the psyche, stimulates cell metabolism and stimulates internal organs. Temperature (44 – 47 ° C) and humidity up to 100%

Infrared sauna
Temperature: 45 – 47 ° C
Humidity: 15%
The infrared sauna (Sauna Infrared) is one of the mildest saunas. It works based on infrared radiation, which is an invisible electromagnetic radiation. The temperature oscillates around 45 ° C and the humidity is 15%. Session in an infrared sauna is a kind of training that, without the need for intensive exercises, accelerates metabolism by about 40%.

Small Finnish sauna
Temperature: 75 – 95 ° C
Humidity: 5%
Regular use of the sauna strengthens the body’s immune system, prevents viral and bacterial diseases, soothes stress, relaxes, removes fatigue, prevents nervousness, relieves joint and muscular pain, stimulates metabolism and heart rate, treats rheumatic diseases and cleanses the skin. Temperature 75-95 ° C, humidity 5%.

Salt Finnish sauna
Temperature: 80 – 85 ° C
Humidity: 20%
Sauna with salt plates, which under the influence of high temperature begin to evaporate, releasing microelements hidden in salt, including iodine, bromine, calcium and magnesium. Iodine causes throat, larynx, trachea, bronchi and lungs, bromine relieves irritation and causes bronchospasm, which facilitates breathing, while calcium and magnesium facilitate the absorption of minerals, while acting antiallergic and anti -inflammatory. The temperature in the salt sauna reaches up to 80-85 ° C.

Finnish sauna with music therapy
Temperature: 75 – 85 ° C
Humidity: 5%
Music therapy in the Finnish sauna also has an impact on cardiovascular activity, improves metabolism, stimulates heart work, and immunizes the body. Relaxation in the Finnish sauna “filled” with sound allows you to break away from the hardships of everyday life and has a beneficial effect on the body, releasing from tension and stress. Temperature 75-85 ° C, humidity 5%

External Finnish sauna
Temperature: 95 – 100 ° C
Humidity: 5 – 15%
Two external Finnish saunas: average and large for brewing and inhalation ceremony.
Sauna ceremonies called brewing and inhalations regularly take place in two external saunas. Using them is an excellent method for detoxifying the body, while mental and physical rest. Temperature 95-100 ° C, humidity 5-15%.

Seances description

Fire screenings take place every day in the external Finnish sauna from 16:00 to 21:00, at full hours, led by certified saunamists or invited guests from well -known Polish saunans.

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Aquapark FALA has received 0 reviews with an average rating of out of 5


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