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For better well -being, health, beauty, pleasure and condition – for you. “Stress -free” for us means your time planned by us in response to a given moment, mood, company, sometimes aching muscles, anger to work, the need to spend time with friends, a desire for a bit of luxury or new knowledge. Find a day for Destresso and find out what we have prepared for you, and we will plan it so that you have a pleasant time, not counting the minutes, money, enjoying each moment, drawing good new energy with all your senses. We have at your disposal 4 saunas, 2 baths, jacuzzi, relaxes and surgical offices with medicinal, relaxing massages, cosmetic procedures and rituals combining saunas with treatments for a comprehensive effect of revitalization. Sauna stay and specially selected revitalizing teas will make you regain strength more

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Saunas description

Nordic Sauna Event
Temperature: 80 – 90 ° C
This is the hottest wooden sauna in destresso and probably the largest (will accommodate more than 50 people) the Finnish sauna in Јуdџ. Sauna’s capacity was made of African Abachi wood, whose unusual properties ensure full thermal insulation. A unique slate on the stove is an element of the earth in this sauna but also a symbol of energy, which you will certainly receive after visiting this place. The Nordic Event Sauna in Destresso is a volcano of vitality and energy source for better mood!

Orange steam room
Temperature: 40 – 50 ° C
Humidity: 100%
It is a classic Roman steam room inspired by swimming culture of the Mediterranean. Ergonomic stone benches in the color of orange give it a unique character, which in color therapy gives us energy and stimulates the digestive system, while intensifying the basic action of the steam room. You can use a steam room if you have no contraindications. Mild temperature and high humidity in the baths are excellent conditions for relaxing and calm as well as body care; Pleasantly warm, moist air reduces muscle tension and soothes nerves. The steam bath improves the appearance of the skin, cleanses and moisturizes it. The skin after bathing is smooth and soft. Bathing in an orange steam room accelerates digestion, so we should not forget about it during slimming treatment. A visit to the steam room improves immunity is a great introduction to massage and revitalizing care.

Azure Bіotna Bath
Temperature: 40 – 50 ° C
Humidity: 80%
A ceramic bath for 4 people inspired by the Far East culture is a combination of a bath in dry warm air and a classic steam bath with body care, aromatherapy and color therapy. This is a real feast for the senses, relaxing for muscles, pleasure for the soul and regeneration for the body. Indigo color prevailing inside the bathhouse has a calming and harmonizing effect on the mind. The laurel bath has a positive effect on muscle tension and metabolism and has a positive effect on the mental sphere, i.e. improvement of well -being. After the procedure, the relaxation and getting rid of the accumulated tension are immediately felt and the skin is moisturized and manicured. The basic function of our azure bathhouse are care ceremonies, which you can experience each day by participating as part of open sessions or booking a bathhouse privately for yourself, for two, for friends.

Infrared detox sauna
Temperature: 50 – 60 ° C
This is a chamber sauna fragrant for 4 – 5 people. The source of heat are infrared rays, which penetrate our body directly, and not as in the case of traditional saunas – through conditions maintained inside the room. & nbsp; is an ideal proposition for people who cannot or do not want to use traditional saunas. People who want to lose a few kilos will appreciate the fact that during a 20 -minute session we can ease up to 700 kcal. & Nbsp; Visit to our infrared Sauna Detoks to “Must have” in daily skin care and for optimal better well -being.
In the sauna, the body is subjected to electromagnetic infrared radiation with a wavelength of 700 to 15,000 Nm, which is 40% of solar radiation. It can therefore be said that in the infrared sauna we use friendly sunlight – giving warm and good psychophysical well -being, without harmful UV rays. Our infrared sauna is a real antidote for everyday stress.

Flower Sauna BIO
Temperature: 75 – 80 ° C
Humidity: 20%

Herbal cottage
Temperature: 30 – 40 ° C
Humidity: 15 – 20%
This is an ideal idea for relaxing after treatments or hot saunas. Recreation is accompanied by the aroma of herbs and hay floating in the air in the form of a delicate steam. These aromas come from freshly brewed herbs in a teddy bear on the stove. Once a day, at a fixed hour, according to the schedule, the Destresso exchanges herbs. If you find this moment – you will affect the smell of the next infusion. The herb hut is equipped with comfortable seats that give a sense of pleasure and exceptional relaxation.

Seances description

SEANSE Fragrances and sauna rituals implemented by our saunaists in the Nordic Event Sauna is a unique everyday life destresso. Screenings with Tibetan bowls every Tuesday and peels in the orange bathhouse every Thursday. Probric clay glyciceremony and detoxifying the body, using clay from the Dead Sea. Wonderfully nourishing and preparing the skin for the next treatments. Venexuality and detoxz with salt peeling, grape seed oil and unique additives that fully natural, harmonizing skin rectifying peeling. LAZURA Ceremony de Luxeto Each ceremony supplemented with a 25 -minute massage for the type of ceremony. A fragrance session in a floral sauna. The screening has no description yet

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